We started making a botanical garden in our Stone Ridge backyard 16 years ago by planting native trees, shrubs, perennials and unusual edibles. Soon after we became interested in bog plants, hardy cacti, woodland species and non-native trees. We fenced in 3 acres, made tags, and recorded what we planted over the past decade with the intention of one day being a public garden with the mission of being an educational resource.

To support this goal we started a small garden business that specializes in edible landscaping and garden design in New York's Hudson Valley.  In addition to designing gardens, and doing garden constructions we also maintain gardens for residential and commercial properties. We are also propagating rare and unusual plants from our collection to sell.

We are currently working on 3 different gardens on our 11-acre property. The Field Garden which has the grape arbor, Pitcher Plant bog, Arum bed and hardy Cacti bed. The Perennial Garden which grows unusual perennials, and shrubs including collections of Calycanthus, Stewartias and Hydrangeas. Our newest garden The South Garden (in honor of the great plantsman Thomas Jefferson) is beginning cultivation. About  1-acre large, and 6 years old, it and has a Sempervivum scree, a small orchard, A Kiwi Gazebo, another hardy cacti environment, A Chinese Garden, along with most of our edible seasonal crops. In the 2013 season we finished the construction of the Greenhouse which holds our tropical and non-hardy plant collection.  We continue planting out 2 thematic areas devoted to past plant hunters, John Bartram and Frank Kingdon Ward. 

This year we are happy to announce the completion of our garden rental. Built on the edge of the Hortus botanical garden and bordering NY state protected wetlands, "The Barnette" is available to rent. Check out our Visitors tab for more info.

See you in the garden,

Scott Serrano
Allyson Levy

76 Mill Road
Stone Ridge, NY

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