Located in the lower Hudson Valley in New York, we welcome garden groups and individuals to come visit our botanical garden. It is 16 years in the making, with several specific gardens like a hardy cactus, pitcher plant bog, unusual edibles, to name a few. If you ever wanted to see how a botanical garden begins, this is a good place to visit. We are small, with many areas under development, but we have, we think the most diverse selection of plants north to be found in Ulster County. 

Native Tour at the Hortus Gardens

Join us for a garden tour on Natives. Come learn about both edible & ornamental plants as we tour them throughout the Hortus Gardens.

This event is rain or shine.

June 30th


Admission - $10

RSVP encouraged but not necessary 

July 28th & 29th

1:00 - 5:00pm

we will be selling a selection of
unusual edibles & ornamental
propagated plants

Edible Landscaping Class  

A series of classes devoted to surrounding your home and garden with the rich diversity of fruit plants from around the world and exploring the under-appreciated wild fruit from our native forest. 

7/14 - Propagating Fruit Plants

8/11 - Bush Fruit & Berries

9/8 - Vining Fruit & Trellising Structures

10/6 - More Fruit Trees and Protecting Plants In Winter

For more information and/or to sign up please visit: https://wildearth.org/adults/edible-landscaping
Wild Earth

Tours & Talks

Our talks range on Edible landscaping, Native Plants, Bog Planting, Hardy Cactus & Succulents, Vegetable gardening, as well as the History of the Hortus Gardens, and more!
Please contact us directly for more details. 

Sunday September 23

The Garden Conservancy

Open Days
"Digging Deeper" - 1pm

Registration required - space limited 

Conservancy Members: $30
General : $35

go to - http://opendaysprogram.org
or call - (888) 842-2442

Regular hours for visiting Hortus during the GC Open Days will be from 10am-4pm