The Hortus Residency Program is open to both established and emerging artists, botanical artists, photographers, who are exploring the themes of nature and/or the human connection with nature.  Summer 2019 dates - August 5-9th 


Applications must be submitted via email.

Please use Spring Residency in subject header.


Use the link below for payment. Once payment is received we will send you an email confirmation.


For the Submission:


Artists may submit up to 5 images - image files should be no larger than 5 MB


Please include your name, a brief artist statement, a description of each submitted work, a CV, and a link to your artist website.


Submissions due Friday, June 15, 2019. 

Winning artist will be notified by e-mail of decisions by Sunday, June 21st, 2019.




The Hortus Residency Program is open to established and emerging artists, botanical artists, or photographers, who are exploring the themes of nature and/or the human connection with nature. Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Garden is an accredited botanical garden and arboretum established by by two artists turned gardeners. This residency is the gardens first attempt to start a program which would provide opportunities to artist who's work focuses on nature. The residency would allow artists to have constant access to the botanical garden and produce art derived from that experience in a quiet natural setting. The gardens contain rare decorative and edible plants from all over the world and would provide an artist with a good opportunity to study a rich diversity of plant life concentrated in one place.  

Housing: The Barnette is a small  house situated in the hamlet of Stone Ridge located in the lower Catskill mountains of New York state. The Barnette is situated in a rural region on the edge of the Hortus gardens, surrounded by woods and overlooking NY state protected wetlands.

The Barnett is a GREEN HOUSE with solar panels, heat on demand, a woodstove, 1-large bedroom, modern bathroom, air conditioning, and an outside deck. It has easy access to the Hortus Arboretum & Botanical Garden. 
The Barnette has Hi-Speed Internet.

Smoking is not permitted on the property.

Meals: Residents make and provide their own meals. The Barnette has a fully stocked kitchen. There are several local places to eat as well several good food markets within 10 minutes drive from the property. Residency participants will also have access to picking organic fresh produce from the garden (as they become seasonably available).

Travel: The residency participant is responsible for all travel expenses. A car is necessary due to the rural location.
Stipend: At this time, Hortus does not offer any stipends but does provide comfortable accommodations and unlimited access to the gardens during the residency.

Couples and families: Hortus can extend housing accommodations to spouse or partner during the period of the resisdency. Sorry no children.

Duration: Spring Residency- 1 week. May 13th-20th

At present time, there is no dedicated studio space on the grounds. Artists would need to use the residency building as their studio. Because of that, there is not space for large projects or messy ones, but there are several places in the house large enough to facilitate art projects and storing materials. 

To see images of the Barnette please visit this link-