Here are a few of the gates & enclosures that we have constructed recently.

A grape arbor that will act as an edible shade screen for a swimming pool sitting area. These 1 year old plantings should cover the enclosure in about 4 seasons.


Hortus Greenhouse 

In 2011 we began to level the ground and collect stones to raise the low areas of what would become the foundation of the greenhouse.

The initial foundation being installed in the summer of 2012. Plastic was used to keep weeds down. 

Using stones found on the property to level the foundation of the greenhouse. 

Our dog Georgia helps with leveling the soil in place and removing the last standing tree stump. 

A French drain being installed along the side of the greenhouse to assist in drainage and used as a water recycling system storing rainwater. 

We finished the foundation and the horizontal hoops in 2012. Note the first tent for the fig for it's first winter in the ground. 

A hedge of Pineapple Guava (Acca sellowiana) are planted on the left side. A 10 year old fig tree is planted in the far right. The middle section on right has raised vegetable beds for leafy greens. Up front on the right is a Tea Camellia (Camellia sinensis).

Our friends Dave & Christoph help pull the plastic over the top of the hoops (on the windiest day of the season!).

Double tents within the greenhouse to keep sub-tropical fruit above zero during this sub-zero winter.